PAC-MAN Scratchers 2nd Chance Last Chance PAC-MAN Scratchers 2nd Chance Last Chance

PAC-MAN® 2nd Chance Promotion

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The GLOBAL VIDEO GAME ICON makes its victorious return as the California Lottery's newest Scratchers ticket with a 2ND CHANCE PROMOTION. Enter before it's too late, you still have until October 31, 2020!


Play Again

Remember those countless hours and quarters spent at the local arcade back in the 80’s? Want to re-live those classic gaming moments in your own home? Simply submit your non-winning PAC-Man Scratchers into 2nd Chance for your opportunity to enjoy the world-famous PAC-MAN arcade machine containing over 20+ games and accessories (merchandise prize package valued at $5,000) OR for your chance at the GRAND PRIZE OF $40,000!


Take Home the Arcade

The four (4) winners of the Merchandise Prize Package can choose from either a classic-traditional stand-up PAC-MAN cabaret style arcade game or a PAC-MAN pixel bash cocktail arcade table game (comes with a PAC-MAN carpet and 2 stools) as shown below:

PAC-MAN Standup Arcade  PAC-MAN Cocktail Arcade


Don’t wait, join the PAC!

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