$5,000,000 Power Payday

$20 Power Payday unscratched ticket $20 Power Payday scratched ticket

Price: $20

Win Up to $5,000,000!

Power up your day with $5,000,000 Power Payday Scratchers®! Offering a 50X multiplier, Bonus Spots, and a chance to win ALL 25 Prizes! It’s a powerful way to become the next California millionaire!

Game Number: 1377

Overall odds: 1 in 3.67

Cash odds: 1 in 5.79

Odds and Available Prizes

Last Updated Oct 30, 2020 02:57:09 a.m.

This table reflects all Scratchers prizes for this game. After game start, some prizes, including top prizes, may have been claimed. Odds are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Go to Scratchers 2nd Chance program to submit your non-winning tickets for another way to win!

Prizes Odds 1 in Prizes Remaining
$5,000,000 3,058,515 1 of 4
$75,000 298,392 1 of 41
$15,000 117,635 10 of 104
$8,000 73,258 14 of 167
$3,000 38,962 34 of 314
$600 19,669 73 of 622
$500 3,989 231 of 3,067
$400 599 1,341 of 20,412
$300 399 1,970 of 30,644
$200 150 5,385 of 81,646
$100 35 25,159 of 345,545
$60 30 27,919 of 408,088
$50 30 30,154 of 407,802
$40 30 28,020 of 407,802
$30 30 28,111 of 407,802
Ticket 10 96,015 of 1,223,406

  • Match any of “YOUR NUMBERS” to any of the eight “WINNING NUMBERS,” win that prize.
  • Uncover a “LIGHTBULB” symbol to automatically win that prize.
  • Match any of “YOUR NUMBERS” to the “POWER PAY 50X” number, automatically win 50 TIMES that prize.
  • Uncover a “POWER” symbol in any “BONUS” spot, win that prize instantly! 

$100,000 TOTAL in Scratchers 2nd Chance Weekly Pool Draws

If your Scratchers ticket isn't an instant winner, submit your non-winning Scratchers ticket into 2nd Chance for another opportunity to win cash prizes in a weekly draw.

There are two simple ways to enter your ticket into 2nd Chance. Submit your ticket on the website by entering the first 13 digits of your entry code (see 1 below) and first 7 digits of your ticket ID (see 2 below). Or, for a fast and easy way to play, submit your ticket on the California Lottery mobile app by scanning the barcode (see 3 below). 

Check out the Scratchers 2nd Chance program for more information.

Image of a Scratched $20 $5,000,000 PAYDAY Scratcher showing a circle in the lower part of the ticket which highlights the placement of the three items listed in the legend below. #1 is the Entry Code (use the first 13 digits only). #2 is the Ticket ID (use the first 7 digits only). #3 is the barcode which can be scanned to use Check-a-Ticket or enter 2nd Chance.
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